The Day of Publishing arrives

Well the day has arrived for me to have my own website. The number of times I have put this off because I wanted it to be just right, learn more about blogging, etc etc but at the end of the day these are all excuses and what I needed to do was get something going, show my photos, do some tutorials which I hope will help those starting out on their photographic venture and then improve which is what we all strive to do with whatever interests we engage in. My vision for the website to have it "just right" i.e Perfect when it launched is of course flawed but as a procrastinator general this was not how I think! Anyway here it is "warts and all"

I'm aiming to include posts showing photos, some time-lapse videos and also some tutorials on how I process my images as well as the occasional practical video in the field . I always shoot in RAW and I'll go into that in a tutorial and why if your camera has the facility to shoot in RAW its going to help make your photos look better. A brighter future beckons.

A Brighter Future beckons